Falling Prices Coming Soon to Santa Rosa!

We are so excited to share that we're opening a NEW Falling Prices in Santa Rosa!
Santa Rosa

NEW FALLING PRICES IN SANTA ROSA! - We have another exciting announcement for our Falling Prices stores! We will be opening another new store in the Santa Rosa area. We are super excited to continue expanding our Falling Prices stores so more of you can find treasures! 

Did you know that our new location openings have the BEST finds? It's true! Our grand opening $6 Tuesday events have amazing finds! We specifically put out extra special items that are high in value to show our appreciation to our loyal customers. If you haven't visited a Falling Prices store before and you're thinking about checking out our stores, definitely plan on visiting our next grand opening! 

Keep checking out our social media accounts @FallingPricesSantaRosa on Instagram and Facebook and our website to watch for when we announce the opening date. Then mark your calendar so you don't miss out on this exciting event! 

How it works: our prices start at the beginning of every week at just $6 (always on a Tuesday), and each day our prices fall even lower. Wednesday everything is $4, Thursday it's $2, Friday it's $1, and on Saturday, everything drops to only $0.25. Our stores close Sunday and Monday to restock! Learn more about us and our stores on our About Us section at FallingPrices.com. Want to see what other locations we have and start treasure hunting in the meantime? Visit our locations page to see all our different stores and find one near you!

Keep checking back to the Falling Prices website and the That's Cheap! website to watch for the opening date announcement. Also, check out the Falling Prices YouTube channel for some fun and exciting new content!

Santa Rosa address: 1001 West College Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Opening date: to be announced


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