About Us

How It Started

The concept behinds That’s Cheap! is simple; offer high quality name brand inventory at steeply discounted prices.  We believe that shoppers always like a bargain, and that is what shopping online was originally; bargain shopping. However, as online shopping has morphed from bargain shopping to convenience shopping, the great deals are fewer and much further between.  We started That’s Cheap! to provide our customers with all bargains, all the time.  On average, items sell for about 50% of their retail value (some sell for more and some for less).  We want our customers to see the deals in the store and exclaim, “Wow, That’s Cheap!”

Where does the inventory come from?

That’s Cheap is part of the RL Liquidators family of businesses.  As one of the largest liquidation companies in the western US, RL Liquidators works with manufacturers, large retailers, fulfillment and distribution centers and third party logistics providers to remove and liquidate their excess inventory.  Items sold through That’s Cheap! are all new overstocks from major manufacturers and retailers within the United States.

How can you sell it so cheap?

That’s Cheap! is a liquidation outlet.  Selling everything at low prices allows us to move the inventory fast enough to keep getting more.  We aren’t trying to make a lot of money off of each item, we are trying to move lots of items. The best way to do that is to sell it all cheap.

What exactly is cheap, the quality of the inventory or the price of the inventory?

The inventory in our stores is the same high quality, name brand merchandise you see in major retail stores and online retailers.  The only thing cheap about the product in our stores is the price.

What do That’s Cheap! stores carry?

As a liquidation outlet, there is no telling what may come through the stores.  As a general rule, the stores carry furniture, appliances, home décor, home supplies, toys and other related items.